AN ASIA 

   Joe Ching (郑佐)
    李佳敏  (Jamie Li)

      November 2018


Can North and South Koreas reunify?  
Can China and Taiwan reunify?  
Can Japan make itself a normal 
If every country tries to do it on its 
own, it cannot be done.  But if the 
three countries all come together, 
they can definitely do it.
Yes, people of the three countries 
and five lands would not want the 
countries to "come together".  
Their leaders are too busy to worry 
about difficult problems at hand.  
They have no time to worry about 
this kind of issues.
So here, we can only let these four 
books to volunteer some thoughts 
to help resolve the issue.

The first book, "GIVE US BACK OUR 
HISTORY!", is there to ask all Asians 
to face history together, rather than 
each insisting on their own point of 
views separately.

The second book, "GIVE US BACK 
OUR PEACE!",  is there to show 
how, once we agreed on a unified 
Asia history, we can bring peace 
back to Asia.

The third book, "GIVE US BACK OUR 
CULTURE!", is there to remind us 
how the West has forced us to give 
up our culture, and how we must 
relearn and appreciate its merits, 
because we must not desecrate the 
sacrifices and expectations of our 

The fourth book, "AN ASIA 
WITHOUT AMERICA" is how to get 
America out of Asia on 10/1/2020 
using the method of Goujian's 
Our goal is:
Through cultural revival, this new 
Asia Family of China, Japan and 
Korea should let the cultural-rich 
minority country of Korea to rule, 
taking the lesson from the great 
Qing Dynasty.  The 
high-living-standard Japanese 
should use technology and sports to 
make sure that no one is left behind, 
in living a comfortable and happy 
life style.  And the resource rich 
China should let all the members of 
the Asia Family share China's vast 
resources and markets, to recover 
every inch of territory that we lost 
after the Qing Dynasty and forever 
henceforth preserve Asia's past 
A great goal will always have a 
great obstacle. The obstacle is how 
to chase Asia's biggest enemy, 
America, out of Asia. In the next 
two years, if we want to achieve 
this, we must turn the current pile 
of loose sand into an iron fist that 
can strike at any moment. And it 
would be coincidently on the same 
day of the National Day and the 
Mid-Autumn Festival, respectively 
representing national pride and 
family unity.  Let's make it 
October 1st, 2020, as the Day of 
Reckoning for America to leave Asia 
while it still can. 
It's all explained in the books.

    아세아인의 아세아
    한국과 조선은 통일을 
이룰수가 있으까?
    중국과 대만은 통일할수 
    일본은 또한 어떤 개변을 
가져올수 있으까?
    이는  하나의 국가가 
자기만의 힘으로 이루어 낼수 
있는 일이 아니다. 그러나 삼국, 
더 나아가 여러나라가 힘을 
합치면 이루어 낼수있는 일이다.
    그렇다 삼국오지의 백성들은 
모두 전쟁을 원치 않는다. 그들은 
서로 각자 자기앞 국면을 
처리하는데 급급하여 더 많은걸 
이루어 낼수가 없다.
    끝으로 나는 이 세권의 
책으로 이들을 도와 이 일을 
이루려고 생각한다. 
    제1권 《력사를 
되돌리다》라는 책을 통하여 
희망하건대 우리 모두 공동을 
력사를 정확히 대하는 한편 서로 
가자의 리익을 추구하여서는 
    제2권 《태평를 
되돌리다》라는 책은 어떻게 
하면 동일한 아세아의 력사를 
통하여 유효하게 평화를 
가져오는 가이다.
    제3권 《문화를 
되돌리다》라는 책은 서방의 
압박때문에 버렸던 우리의 
문화를 새롭게 시작하는 한편 
선조들의 희생과 희망이 헛되이 
흘르지 않기를 바란다.
    저자의 목표와 생각:
    문화의 부흥을 통하여 
새로운 아세아를 희망한다.
    아세아의 문화를 지니고 
있는 한국이 통치하고 
생활수준이 앞장선 일본이 
과학기술과 체육으로 모든 
사람들이 아름다운 생활을 
누릴수 있고 대지가 넓고 
광물자원이 풍부한 중국이 매개 
지역마다 이 방대한 재원과 
시장을 누릴수 있으면 좋겟다.
그리하여 아세아의 매 한촌의 
땅과 휘황찬 력사를 영원히 


GIVE US PEACE!                      

An Open Letter to Andrew Yang, 
Candidate for US President, 2020:




This is the last book I want to write, 
to fulfill my obligation as an Asian.
After that, I will launch the Pongfu 
and Taichi Tennis projects, as 
fulfilling life-long preoccupations 
for all the unemployed people who 
will be affected by automation.
Then I will realize the original 
mission of ROBACUS, to involve all 
human beings in the innovation and 
automation of science and 
technology toward people's 
livelihood, so as to prevent the 
barbarism followers from 
monopolizing automation.
This will allow humans to have a 
comfortable environment to 
achieve the goal of cultural 
Actually, this is a selfish idea of 
mine. I like to feel in my dying bed: 
That's not the end, but rather the 
This book is about the final 
implementation, based on the 
analysis and prediction in the first 
three books. We still have two 
years to the 10/1/2020 showdown. 
The first year should be a period of 
self-house-cleaning. That is to 
identify and remove all Asian 
opportunists who are helping the 
West to divide Asia.  All these 
"Asian traitors" must be completely 
exposed, and then convicted and 
finally fully subdued.
The second year should be a 
period of confronting America and 
their Asian puppets, just when 
they were busy doing political 
in-fighting in their presidential 
elections of 2020. We have to 
prepare for the final blow. That is 
to unite China, Japan and Korea 
through exposing our common 
oppression by America, and work 
together to expel the American 
troops from Asia. It is like the 
story of Yue Wang Goujian and 
the spreading of the messages in a 
note wrapped in Mid-Autumn 
moon cake: kill the barbarians, 
overthrow the Yuan dynasty, and 
let's do it altogether.
Incidentally, the day 10/1/2020 is 
both the Chinese National Day 
and the Mid-Autumn Moon 
Festival Day.
The unification of China, Japan 
and Korea can make Asia the 
center of the world overnight. If 
America resists, then we have to 
further unify with the West Coast 
of America in order to completely 
block out any trace of America's 
imperialistic ambitions toward 
When Asia is sitting comfortably in 
military and people's livelihood, we 
should begin to revive Asian culture. 
The struggle between the mighty 
dragon and the superstitious God 
will determine the destiny of 
Whether history can be rolled 
back to its years of splendor will 
depend on whether the feudal 
system's 5,000-year nurture of 
Asia is capable of doing the job.


The devastation of Asia by Western 
barbarism can be likened to an act 
of Nature, a storm of barbarism 
from the West. Westerners are still 
superstitious pre-humans and 
cannot be held responsible as 
matured humans. But under their 
impetus, the actions of local Asian 
opportunists on Asia are fatal for 
Asia's very existence.
In the five thousand years of Asia, 
feudalism existed on the upper 
echelon and the realm of kungfu 
masters, on the vast low lands.  
Asia was a land that has been 
handed down by the magnanimous 
dragons.  On this land, people are 
constantly endeavored to unify all 
the ethnic groups under one sky. 
The Asian race has evolved into the 
most advanced civilization on earth.
The distant West, on the other 
hand, practiced the barbarism of 
God, military, and mob. They have 
been exploiting internally and 
invading outwards, and that 
practice has become a habit. The 
rule of the primitive jungle with 
strong feeding on the weak has not 
been shed. Naturally, Asia could not 
escape their pillage. 
Their spiritual leader, the Jews, 
schemed to using opium to weaken 
Asia's Big Brother, China, and then 
instigated local superstitious 
followers of God, the Christians, to 
overthrow China, already corrupted 
by opium.  One after another, the 
descendants of Christians and other 
low-life Chinese leveraged on the 
superiority of Western military to 
cut up China, aiming at destroying 
the Asian civilization.
Asia is a place that has always been 
led by meritorious leaders and their 
assistants, selected through 
examination system. While the 
West used slogan of equality and 
freedom to incite the free-for-all 
mob's venting.  As a result, when 
West's barbarism trampled on 
Asian civilization, it gave rise to a 
group of opportunists who were 
committed to do evil.
Local Asian opportunists have been 
able to carry out all that the foreign 
Westerners tried but failed to do. 
The first was to spread barbarism to 
make it popular. Thus, the cutting 
up and cession of the land 
immediately followed, completely 
unaware of the ultimate purpose of 
the West was, like that in the 
discovery of the New World of the 
Americas and Australia -- genocides 
of the natives as instructed by God.
One hundred years of opium 
holocaust, plus thirty eight years of 
living hell (1911-1949), existed 
amidst the rebellion of the Christian 
Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, Sun 
Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek's 
revolting away the life of China's 
Qing Dynasty, the 
campaign faked as the "Resisting 
Japan' War, and Chiang Kai-shek's 
massacre of 100 million Chinese in 
his revenge of the humiliation 
suffered at the Xi'an Incident.  
Finally, two atomic bombs were 
used to close the curtain on Asia. 
But Asia is too old, so cannot die so 
These opportunists helped the 
West destroy the feudalism at the 
upper echelons of Asia, but the 
valiance of the low-land kungfu 
masters remained. There was this 
scholar, who did not like to study 
and chose to become a beggar, 
decided to use social injustice as his 
textbook, and the man's 
inhumanity in man as his 
inspiration. As a result, he became 
the leader of China's massive 
beggar's guild and rescued China 
and the Asian mainland.
In the ensuing seven decades, 
communists' belief in self-sacrifice, 
coupled with the wisdom and 
perseverance of the feudal system, 
quickly stabilized people's 
livelihood. Then China built its own 
world-best supercomputer, which 
laid a foundation for catching up to 
America in technology and 
weapons development. And from 
Asia's historical lesson of revenge 
thru hardship, they stimulated an 
arms race within to catch up with 
America. There are still two years 
to showdown time with the 
America by 2020. 
We should use the first year, 2019, 
to clamp down on Asian 
opportunists. And in the second 
year, 2020, we need to expose the 
war crimes of America to the world, 
and implement appropriate 
Under the harassment of the 
opportunists, Asia experienced an 
upside down social turnover. From 
the people's stratification to the 
moral standings, it was now a 
heaven for hoodlums and the 
pursuers of barbarism. Even the 
embodiment of culture, the 
Chinese-language characters, were 
simplified and, thus, trashed.
Fortunately, the beggars were 
ranked as the lowest class in the 
first place.  Blessed by fate, they 
were now flipped to the highest 
class.  However, they were never 
good with words, so the 
opportunists still smeared them 
with a lot of bad names, and they 
have no choice but live by the 
barbaric customs advocated by the 
pro-Western opportunists. 
The most harmful thing for Asia is 
the distortions of history. This was 
for the Westerners and their 
opportunistic accomplices to divide 
and conquer Asia again.
Time is running out. During this 
year, we had to clamp down on 
those opportunists who were still 
engaged in bad-mouthing and 
dividing Asians. We need to 
liquidate them, in order to pave the 
way for next year's showdown 
against America. We must borrow 
the extreme means used in the 
Cultural Revolution and the 
determined spirit of Great Leap 
Forward, to unite Asia to eliminate 
this potential future threat, so as to 
prevent the same tragedy of Second 
World War from happening again in 
No matter how difficult this is, all 
the problems can be worked out 
after the America is first driven out 
of Asia.


This is the beginning of Asian 
history's rollback.
We want to go from Chiang 
Kai-shek's: "Before resisting outside 
aggression, must first quench inside 
disturbance" and the Kuomintang's 
first "exterminating communist" 
then " resting Japan" to the 
Communist Party's choice of 
"anti-Chiang, anti-Japanese", and 
finally roll back to: "Resisting 
Chiang, uniting with Japan" and 
simultaneously "quench inside 
disturbance and resisting outside 
aggression" by chasing America out 
of Asia.
We must fight an all out 
propaganda war by turning from 
being defensive to being offensive. 
We are going to roll back to the 
fiasco of World War II in Asia, and 
now win the final victory.
What kind of dog shits of lies and 
distortions is this about the internal 
mutual killing of Chinese and 
Japanese and the horrific twist of 
the facts about America's rescuing 
Asia? This time we want blood for 
blood - the American genocide and 
Chiang Kai-shek's using public 
means to revenge his private 
humiliation will be re-accounted 
This will be a war of words without 
borders. Stupid, ignorant, and ugly 
Americans must be made to hear 
the truth of history and succumb to 
their war crimes in Asia.
In the new world under the 
leadership of Asia, the West can no 
longer escape the blood debts they 
owe to the world. They don't need 
to pay them back, but America 
needs to leave Asia.


Western barbarism has trampled on 
the civilization of Asia for two 
hundred years. We are thus 
suffering from a man-made living 
hell. This should lead us to cherish 
ever more the traditional culture 
left by our ancestors.
In just five hundred years, the West 
almost destroyed the world with 
barbarism. This should also make us 
realize that Asian civilization has 
the values necessary for the 
survival of the entire human race.
This culture is the rigid feudal 
system, and it is, by no means, the 
fleeting barbarism. Human beings 
are meant to pass down from 
generations to generations, in order 
to grow endlessly without limits. 
Asia has testified to this 
phenomenon for the past five 
thousand years. We can't let it die 
in the hands of this generation.
The central ideal of Asian culture is 
the world as one. The sibling 
disputes internal to the family have 
now been used by the Westerns to 
paint an image of deep hatred 
among the family members. The 
revival of Asian culture must start 
at the unification of the three 
countries of China, Japan and 
By using the magnificent Qing 
Dynasty as our guide, we should let: 
Minority Korea become the 
spiritual leader of this new Asian 
family.  Majority ethnic Chinese 
should have the control of the army 
to resist foreign aggressions, and 
Japan, with advanced technology, 
can help to upgrade the standard of 
living of the entire family.
This new Asia family will become 
the center of the world. We must 
also follow Qing Dynasty's tradition 
of ruling by culture, and use Asian 
culture to lead the world to a new 
century of harmony and 


Who is competing? I can't figure out 
why this is the major cause of 
humanity's rush to its doomsday.
What is all that talk about rises of 
superpowers?  It's more like how 
these risen powers have relied on 
opium to suppress China, and have 
bought out so many Chinese 
domestic traitors to sell China out. 
In the end, they simply used the 
standard genocide of Christian 
They almost knocked out China, 
then went on to Japan, and almost 
exterminate the Japanese race, had 
not for the samurais' switching to 
plan B, the Goujian's Revenge. But 
their ghosts and God are still 
hanging around everywhere in Asia.
China is a land of no-god people, 
who are even feel they are more 
superior than the God of their 
invading risen powers from the 
West. There were also the most 
uncannily capable Chinese leaders, 
who managed to free the people 
from the forced opium addiction. 
The current leaders have also used 
the Asian tradition of the peasants' 
belief in communism, and a 
centralized management system to 
chase the most risen powers out of 
the country.
So, who are competing?  Nobody! 
All we have is that many a risen 
powers did have tried to chase up 
with China for more than three 
centuries, but failed to catch up!
China will soon return to its peace 
and prosperity that had lasted for 
thousands of years. If the risen 
powers cannot see this, China 
would again have to move all their 
national treasury vaults to China 
just like what happened before the 
Opium War. In this way, the Earth 
this time might not be able to 
escape the fate of being blown up.
So don't be sour losers anymore.  
America, especially, needs to admit 
that it cannot catch up with China.  
In that way, China this time around 
could make some special 
arrangement to take care of these 
risen powers. 
What they want is money. China 
has plenty of that.  And China is 
never a stingy country.  
What China wants is culture, and 
China should upgrade its culture a 
bit from last time, so it would be a 
bid nicer to the risen powers this 


America is already using the same 
method to deal with China, as it 
dealt with Japan to start the Second 
World War. But this time, it's more 
brutal than the last time. America is 
first preparing Japan explicitly to 
fight China. Then America is using 
its advantages of military power 
and monetary control to 
reinvigorate the remnants of Asian 
separatists to sell out Asia again.
On the surface, it seems that 
America is succeeding. But deep 
down, our Asian strategy of 
Goujian's Revenge is also 
fermenting. We must seize the 
opportunity to get ahead of 
America. This is what China must 
1.	China must roll back history to 
the Third China-Japan-Korea 
Summit and the Fourth 
Meeting (May 2010) Tripartite 
Cooperation's "Vision 2020".
We must analyze the events that 
led to the "Vision 2020" to be 
shelved.  This is necessary to 
prevent the America from repeating 
the sabotage again in the future to 
hinder our plans. This would be 
similar to how Russia recently 
stopped the British White Helmets 
to falsify chemical weapons attacks 
as an excuse for America to bomb 
Syria. The following are the 
timeline of relevant events that 

*	September 16, 2009: Yukio 
Hatoyama was elected Prime 
Minister of Japan.  He 
refocused Japan from the 
US-centered foreign policy to a 
policy that is more 

*	November 10, 2009: The 
Second China, Japan, South 
Korea Summit. China, Japan 
and South Korea cooperated to 
deal with the 2008 financial 
meltdown caused by America.  
This Summit was originally 
proposed by South Korea in 
2004. America was displeased 
with the close cooperation 
among China, Japan and Korea.

*	March 26, 2010: The South 
Korean warship, Cheonan, was 
attacked and sank. America 
and its allies accused North 
Korea for the incident, thus, 
shifted all the anti-American 
sentiments in Asia to North 
Korea and stopped all the 
pro-China activities in South 
*	June 2, 2010: The pro-China 
Japanese Prime Minister 
Hatoyama announced his 

*	After 2010, the earthquake 
activities increased throughout 
the central United States. From 
this, scientists for the first time 
discovered how earthquakes 
can be caused by humans.

*	January 12, 2010: The 
magnitude 7 Haiti Earthquake. 
People in Haiti accused 
America of using its tectonic 
"Earthquake Machine" located 
in Alaska. Russian Northern 
Fleet provided some evidence 
to that possibility.

*	March 27, 2010: The magnitude 
8.8 Chile Earthquake. The 
Chilean president said it's made 
by America, as a test for future 
use against Iran.

*	September 7, 2010: Chinese 
and Japanese ships collided at 
the Diaoyu Islands. This very 
well could be done for the 
benefit of America, so that 
China and Japan could justify 
their ensuing arms race that 
was necessary for Asia to catch 
up with the America in military 

*	March 11, 2011: The 
magnitude 9 earthquake 
caused Japan's largest tsunami 
and nuclear accident in history. 
Since then, the China, Japan 
and South Korea Summit has 
been shelved till 2015.

2. Asia must expose all the 
Asia-dividing propaganda and start 
actions to suppress them. Listed 
below are those most deadly:

(1)	Using the "Resisting 
Japan" war to cover up 
the real "resisting Asia, 
aiding America" war.

(2) Chiang Kai-shek's 
fabricated "Nanjing 
Massacre" to revenge his 
private humiliation at Xian 
Mutiny with public means.

(3)	Karl Marx, Sun  
Yat-sen and Chiang 
Kai-shek demonized 
China's Qing Dynasty.

     (4) America, Chiang
        Kai-shek and 
        Christians demonized 
        top Japanese
        leaders, who were 
        engaged in Asia 
        liberation and  
        unification in World
        War II.
     (5) The Cultural
        Revolution initiated 
        by Mao Zedong and
        Lin Biao, to scare
        America from
        attacking China.
      (6) The main reason for
         the disaster of the
         Great Leap Forward
         event was the 
         large number of 
         nuclear weapons that
         America shipped to
         Taiwan at that
         time, as well as the 
         US president and 
         threats in the
         newspapers about 
        their uses in China
        during the Taiwan  
        Strait. This had 
        caused the Chinese 
        People's Liberation 
        Army to be    
        preoccupied with 
        defending the shores 
        and were unable
        to bring food to the  
        famine victims 

3. Individual Asian countries must 
avoid isolated conflicts with 
America alone before 2020.

4. During the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, 
Japan shall announce the unity of 
China, Japan and Korea and shall 
also ask America to move its army 
bases out of Japan and South 

5. On 10/1/2020, China's National 
Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, Asia 
and the world will jointly protest 
against the US military bases' 
encroaching on other countries, and 
California will declare 


Yeah, we have a lot to do!  And in 
order to get it done, we will create 
tremendous amount of pressure 
and stress in the world.  What we 
really need is a relief valve.
This relief valve should be 
constructed in the form of a 
Universal Centralized Processor, or 
UCP.  It would universally process 
all the critical items that make our 
world run.
Before coming up with a list of such 
items, let's first get a whiff of the 
processor's make up.  It would be 
based on computer intelligence, not 
artificial intelligence.  
Put in a less technical term, it 
would be constructed on the 
collective intelligence accumulated 
in a computer, rather than any 
individual intelligence of the 
egoistic human mind.
The processor will be centrally 
located and universally accessible 
to all.  Its computer will interface 
the humans in their native 
languages.  And it has the ability 
to absorb intelligences from its 
human users.  The goal is to make 
it more intelligent than humans 
that it could lead any uninitiated, or 
experienced, users alike, in their 
difficult tasks involving complex 
thinking that could be well beyond 
the capacity of our brains. 
The ultimate goal of UCP is to head 
off all private automation and 
innovation efforts.  Such efforts 
and their fruits must be put in the 
hands of the public.  For one thing, 
this will prevent automation from 
displacing humans, and robots from 
replacing humans.  
To achieve this goal, we need the 
best minds in the world to 
volunteer their talents to make UCP 
accessible to and usable by all the 
people of the world, and eventually 
become the world's most 
knowledgeable and powerful brain 
that possesses the capabilities of 
self-healing and self-expanding.
A pilot software package has been 
developed by the University of 
California, Berkeley, and the Boeing 
Computer Services, Seattle, as the 
driver for this processor.  This is a 
software automation package that 
writes, trouble-shoots, maintains 
and executes software.  Also it 
records all the interactions between 
human and computer in playable 
formats, that the recordings can act 
as software robots, which 
eventually will man almost all the 
tasks performed on the computer.
In short, we do have a powerful 
tool to crack any difficult problems 
the modern world has to confront.  
So, let's face these problems and 
the critical items that we 
mentioned above that specifically 
related to what we want to 
accomplish in 2020.
First item: money. The UCP shall 
replace all the central banks and 
print a universal money for the 
world.  It would be the place 
where money exchange will initially 
be performed and then credits and 
debts be managed once it becomes 
fully operational.
Second item: weapons. UCP will 
buy back all the weapons and 
commercialize the militaries of the 
world.  This would solve our 
immediate problem in 2020 of what 
to do with the weapons, and even 
soldiers, if the military bases in 
Japan and Korea were to be 
evacuated.  UCP will pick up all 
the tabs.

In fact, it will eventually make 
President Trump very happy by 
buying all the weapons he wants to 
Third item: disasters.  UCP would 
become the center for disaster 
relief.  Its computer intelligence 
should constantly try to monitor 
and head off any brewing disasters, 
natural or man-made.
Fourth item: patents. UCP would 
pay off all existing patents, and 
invest in future potential patents, 
for universal consumption.
Fifth item: trade.  UCP will 
subsidize all destructive trade 
imbalance based on humanitarian 
reasons, and find long term 
solutions to mitigate hardships on 
particular sectors of world 
Sixth item: fitness. UCP should 
replace medical care with fitness.  
A person who doesn't care about 
his fitness should be deemed as 
someone who's not afraid to die. 
And as to how the UCP project 
could be initiated, China, Japan and 
Korea should fund its initial project 
of moving America military bases 
out of Asia.  This could be done by 
exchanging the surplus dollar 
reserves in the three countries with 
the first batch of the universal 
money printed by UCP.
Well, once the "money" problem is 
solved, everything else should be 
smooth sailing.  What you think?

The 2020 presidential election is 
getting more and more like an 
auction on "Buying America".
Last time in 2016, America elected a 
president, Donald Trump, who was 
so ever ready to sell out America 
for the right price that he 
campaigned as if America was his 
enemy,exposing all the past war 
crimes of America.  Too bad, the 
potential buyer, Russia, was too 
poor to even make an offer.
But this time, the richest land in the 
world, Asia, is aiming at a lot of 
score-settling bouts against 
America, and potentially the least 
antagonistic is the outright "Buying 
Why, we even have someone here 
who volunteered himself as the 
seller of America in this young man, 
Andrew Yang, for 2020 President of 
the United States of America.  
Although it would still be a heated 
bidding process with the other 
seller, Trump, but Andrew is way 
ahead of his opponent who still 
think America deserves to get a 
high price for his "America First" 
What a laugh! The bidding here is 
to see who can offer a lower price!
Well, trump is good at 
self-destruction - he even hates 
Asians.  And Andrew is an Asian.  
And Asia is the buyer.
And Andrew even paints a bleak 
picture of how poor and hopeless 
America's future looks like in his 
Trump, on the other hand, has 
self-castrated himself by launching 
an unlimited trade war against Asia, 
backed by the threat of WWIII, and 
boasting of winning it with soldiers 
who won't fight and weapons that 
don't work.  Maybe he's just 
trying to check himself into a 
mental hospital?
Like it or not, our Asian American 
Andrew is stuck with this golden 
opportunity.  The way Trump can 
have the American voting mob all 
worked up, Andrew is sure to be 
branded as the point man for Asia, 
just as Trump is already one for 
Russia.  And the Asia's potential 
down payment on Andy's campaign 
fund could be the winning ticket to 
his Presidency.
In any case, it's the American 
people who have to make the 
choice.  If only Andrew could 
make America look shitty enough, 
in the backdrop of the filthy rich 
Asians, and with the help from 
Trump's bungles, the world could 
very well be in luck for treat to a 
spectacular show of America 
Empire's great finale.


Just a decade ago, Asians loved 
America.  Even now most Asians, 
who do not follow the downward 
sliding conditions in America, still 
look up to Americans.  
But in the coming 2020 American 
presidential election, the world will 
sure to be exposed to the worst of 
the new America, which President 
Trump ironically has trumpeted as 
the "America First", but trashed it 
in the last election as the number 
one war criminal in the world in 
order to get elected.
It would be exactly for the purpose 
of defeating Trump that his 
democratic opponents will expose 
his big lie that America is still ok.  
The election campaigns will be a 
fierce blame game.  Just as Trump 
has blame America's foul ups 
abroad, the Democrats will sure to 
clamp down on the internal 
sabotage by Trump and the very 
Americanism itself.
One Democrats' arguing point is 
sure to stick.  That's the 
unsolvable problem of damages 
done to the employment situation 
by automation.  It's a worldwide 
problem, but Americanism will be 
singled out as the culprit that has 
led the world down a disastrous 
road of no-return.

Actually same kind of apocalypses 
happened, at least twice, in the 
past.  First, the European plague.  
And second, the America Great 
In the European plague from the 
14th century, because of religious 
superstition, it was not cured for 
four centuries, until the founding of 
America and Australia that led to its 
eventual dispersion and 
disappearance, and then sealed 
with new modern medicine.
But from a historical hindsight, if 
only the Europeans had abandoned 
Christianity and adopt the Asian 
herb medicine cure the plague 
would be controlled quickly and its 
devastating toll on European and 
American civilization could be 
This toll of four centuries of plague 
turned the humans into savages 
and led to the non-stop warring 
state that has ravaged the world 
ever since.
In the America's Great Depression, 
capitalism's excess led to an 
overproduction that consumption 
simply could not catch up with.  In 
such a period of abundance, driven 
by greed, the capitalists try to 
further enlarge their windfall 
profits by consuming it exhaustively 
in WWI and WWII, instead of 
distributing the fruit of automation 
and mass production to the 
negatively impacted mass.

The above lessons of history tell us 
that it were things like superstition 
and greed, not the natural 
progression of evolution, which 
were the real causes of the crises.  
And have we heeded these lessons?
No, we doubled down on them!  
Now we are even more persistent 
in letting our past bad habit to 
prevent us from solving the new 
crisis we are facing - automation.
The habit is Americanism and the 
crisis will be WWIII.
It's natural to expect that 
Americanism will be here in 
America to stay.  But it does not 
have to stay also in Asia!
Asia used to have nothing but good 
habits, thus making it the most 
advanced and noble country in the 
world.  However, ever since Karl 
Marx, in justifying his opium 
cousins' Opium Wars on China, 
declared to the world that the Big 
Brother in Asia, China, to be 
"backward and corrupt".  These 
shrewd Jews then hired the British 
Navy to make sure that opium did 
indeed make China "backward and 

Marx's self-fulfilling lies ushered all 
the Asian low life varmints out of 
the woodwork and they helped 
shovel all the Western bad habits, 
or barbarism, down Asians' throats.
Asia put up a fight but it was nearly 
suicidal.  However, two root Asian 
habits, at the end, were able to pull 
Asia out from one century of living 
hell, a creation of the Westerners 
and its Asian barbarian wannabes.  
The habits were cultural unification 
and peasant liberation.  And the 
saviors were Mao Zedong and 
Today, Asia is still basically 
dominated and partially occupied 
by America.  Needless to say 
Americanism is entrenched here, 
along with the automation threat, 
as a potent trigger to WWIII.
In Asia's own big bag of goodies, 
which we could call it collectively as 
the Confucius feudal system, we do 
have ways to solve the automation 

On the broad bottom of the Asian 
society, we have the beggar's guild.  
It nicely redistributes the wealth of 
the rich people, while magically 
retains the prides of the poor. 
And at the top echelon of Asian 
society are the miracle-creating 
large families that lasted from time 
immemorial, whose productivity 
includes priceless secret treasures, 
in handcrafts, and thousands of 
years of cumulated knowledges and 
skills, that have been handed down 
from one generation to another by 
way of a meticulously designed 
breeding program that goes back to 
the time the very notion of family 
was conceived.  
Asians could just sit on their hands 
and live on these treasures forever 
without ever having to worry about 
any stupid economic indicators.
So, now you have it.  The solution 
to automation, and any of the 
modern woes, can be solved by 
reinstating Asian habits after first 
removing Americanism out of Asia.

What I have just said may be too 
abstract for non-Asians and might 
even be received by Americans as, 
what they have long been waiting 
for all this time, a declaration of 
So let me give some real examples 
of how I applied some of the Asian 
habits in my own life here in 
America, without even 
conscientious that it's a trick that 
my Asian DNA has been playing on 
I come from one of the largest 
merchant families in China, the 17th 
House of Zheng in Ningbo.  They 
were quite an innovative lot.  They 
excel in banking and 
communication.  They were 
among the very first ones to use 
accounting and credits in banking 
and ice-packed commuting of 
degradable foods.  So, I also 
become one of the foremost 
pioneers in computing and 
communication in America.
My first job was at Oakridge 
National Laboratories.  While 
everybody was still using IBM cards, 
I was the first on in the whole 
laboratories to get me a graphic 
Tektronix terminal in my office.  I 
used it to draw 3-D graphics in 
seconds that normally took couple 
days turn around by a draftsman. 
My assistant was Jim Drischler, who 
was really a janitor for having only 
a high school diploma.  I let him 
do all the plotting and he only 
needed to use the lunch hours to 
punch a few buttons to finish a 
day's work. He, thus, become the 
first person in the laboratory 
drastically impacted by automation.  
So, what did he do with the extra 
time the automation afforded him?  
He simply used the rest of the day 
designing his new house and its 
ever expanding annexes that his 
growing family needed.
Here we have solved the 
automation problem by keeping the 
fruits of automation to whoever 
getting impacted.  This example 
provides us the guideline to deal 
with negative impacts of 
Namely,the fruits of automation 
must stay in the hands of the public, 
not the private entrepreneurs.
In my whole career, I benefitted 
exceptionally well financially from 
automation.  I fell so blessed that I 
decided to give something back to 
the society.  
I went to teach software 
automation in my alma mater, 
University of California, Berkeley.  
I trained the school's best nuclear 
engineering students in a computer 
workshop I developed there.

The graduates of the workshop 
later joined me in a startup, Energy 
Engineering Computer Laboratory 
(EECCL), and we joint ventured with 
the Boeing Computer Services to 
offer a NUCLIB(nuclear library) 
package to the world's nuclear 
power industry from the Boeing's 
supercomputer Cray.
Each of my staff could support 40 of 
the best engineers from the best 
companies in America and Asia, 
such as General Electric, Bechtel, 
Livermore Lab, Fujitsu of Japan and 
Institute of Nuclear Energy 
Research of Taiwan.
And from a research report by the 
Pacific Bell, I learned that in a 
typical high-tech company, each top 
engineer incidentally could also 
support 40 of the rest of the 
low-level engineers.  So this 
essentially makes my engineers 
each capable of supporting 40 x 40 
= 1600 engineers.  
In another words, being in our field 
of software automation, my 
engineers each possesses the 
productivity of 1600 engineers, as 
the additional contribution by the 
1599 engineers would be just the 
pressing of a few more keys on the 
key board explicitly instructed by 
In my own case particularly, even 
though I was the one supporting 
the rest of my stuff and some 
outside engineers, the speed of my 
private activities on the CRAY was 
at least 1000 times faster than that 
of a manual-labor engineer.
If someday everyone could do that, 
what do we do with the remaining 
999 persons?
As early as 1984, I saw the 
automation crisis coming.  So I 
quit expanding my technology and 
started full-time teaching my 
daughter Taichi Tennis, the best 
tennis style for woman, later used 
by Monica Seles to dominate 
woman tennis until they put a knife 
in her back.  Well, that's another 

But I should still sneak in a small 
detail in my story -- that is the 
revenue from NUCLIB project with 
Boeing automatically kept on come 
in in the mails until 1990 when I 
was too busy with tennis to renew 
our contract.

Actually, things were not that 
simple.  And the "small detail" 
was really the turning point in my 

Boeing made an offer to increase 
the annual payment to EECCL from 
$300,000 to $500,000.  And I could 
not accept it because the 1989 
Oakland Firestorm has just 
destroyed my home, along with 
much of my proprietary intellectual 
properties, including my client 
bases and ROBACUS extension to a 
fully automated self-healing version, 
covering not only nuclear, but all 
subjects of computing that 
humanity needs.  

But most of all, my mind was on the 
pingpong kungfu, which must be 
done before the onslaught of 
automation.  And on top of all I 
mentioned above, and much more, 
my older brother, who was assisting 
the then head of China, Zhao Ziyang 
in Shanghai to start the China Rise, 
sent me a plane ticket to Shanghai. 
I went to the airport but missed the 
plane by the one hour, which is the 
hour I didn't switch forward for 
daylight saving.  United Airline 
dispatched another plane for me to 
take just in time for me to catch up 
with my own plane in Tokyo. I 
wound up helped China eventually 
build the world's fastest computer, 
the mother of China's catching-up 
program to America in technology 
and weapons...
Ok, so this is not just another story, 
but a new book.  Let me just make 
a promise here that when I know 
the ending of this book, I will start 
write it.
Anyway, right now here, the lesson 
is: Humanity needs to develop 
some preoccupation first, other 
than just job, job, job, before 
starting the automation revolution. 
I have made an example of myself 
to do just that.  
However, not everybody can afford 
to play tennis, but everybody can 
afford to play my newly invented 
Pongfu, the pingpong kungfu.  I 
am now developing Pongfu as a 
required curriculum in schools so 
that all future "educated" persons 
would have something to do if they 
ever get displaced by automation or 
replaced by a robot.
This is only half the solution.  The 
other half is how to let the human 
victims retain the fruits of whatever 
automated them out of their jobs.
This brings us back to my old friend 
- the software package that 
automated the application of 
NUCLIB.  It's named ROBACUS, for 
robotic abacus.  The "abacus" part 
makes it Asian.
For more than 30 years, I have kept 
ROBACUS in its free and 
operational mode.  Currently, it 
interfaces the user to the computer 
using the Linux Mageia distribution, 
which is the only distribution that's 
not ruined, like the rest of the Linux 
distributions, as a viable 
open-source operating system for 
making a workstation out of a PC.
My article on "THE RELIEF VALVE" 
describes how ROBACUS can be 
used as the engine in the Universal 
Centralized Processor to help the 
general public to seize back the 
rights to the fruits of automation 
even in a capitalistic society.
In the same article I also described 
how Asia, with the help of 
ROBACUS, can buy out America 
military bases and make them leave 
Asia.  And here, I should simply 
The woe of automation is a product 
of Americanism.  Removing 
America from Asia will show the 
world how we could cure it, maybe 
also avoid WWIII.

APPENDIX V. China-Japan-Korea 

The unification effort between 
North and South Koreas and the 
warming of relation between China 
and Japan are good opportunities 
for history to roll back. We have to 
roll back to the momentum in the 
tripartite cooperation of third 
China-Japan-Korea summit in 2009 
and the fourth meeting's "Vision 
Last time, because the time was not 
ripe, America was able to sabotage 
the effort, and China, Japan and 
South Korea had to go back to their 
separate ways. This time we will 
have to get double back on our 
investments in the 
China-Japan-ROK alliance with 
practical actions.
We want to connect China, Japan 
and Korea within the framework of 
the Belt and Road Initiative. China 
and Japan should collaborate to dig 
an undersea tunnel to connect 
South Korea and Japan. At the same 
time, China, Japan, should help the 
North and South Koreans to build a 
high-speed rail from China to Japan. 
This project should be listed as the 
first in the new "Vision 2020".
Since 2020 is showdown time 
between Asia and America, China, 
Japan, South and North Koreas, and 
even Russia and the European 
Union, should publicly announce 
their support for America's 
Democratic Party in the US 2020 
presidential election. This would 
suppress the anti-Chinese 
extremists in America with their 
current escalating mischiefs, and 
also increase the morale of decent 
and rational Americans.
Now in America, there are two 
things that are very helpful in 
preventing America from 
irresponsibly going its own way in 
recent years. That is California's 
application for independence and 
an Asian, Andrew Yang's, bid for 
America's presidency. These two 
events, to put it bluntly, are 
declarations of war against Trump's 
policies. Just like the trade war 
between China and America, we 
must proceed with a spirit of 
October 1st, 2020, the day of 
reckoning, is only two years away. 
We must begin to turn from 
defense to offense, seizing the 
chances to increase our odds, and 
bring the world back onto the right 
Past history has shown us that 
nothing is more damaging than a 
divided Asia. Our current mission is 
to prove that Asia's unity is a 
powerful force that no one can stop 


People have been writing all kinds 
of war scenarios but never any 
peace scenario. Why ? Well, here is 
On 10/1/2020 there will be 
world-wide blockades of all military 
bases, foreign and domestic, by 
local people of peace.  These 
people of peace will be backed up 
by local militia of peace and special 
operation forces of peace.
All will be done in peace, unless 
some party uses weapons of war.   
The uses of weapons of war will be 
retaliated with "weapons of peace".  
So, the weapons of peace would 
have had been already allocated 
near the military bases within the 
next two years and ready to be 
triggered automatically by the 
weapons of war.
At this point, a warmongering type 
would definitely want to know: 
"What bloody hell is a 'weapon of 
peace'?"  Here is the historical 
background in broad strokes: 
Since America's founding, it has 
been dedicated itself to the building, 
using and selling of weapons of war.  
But not until the recent China's Rise, 
out of a century of near-extinction 
due to opium addiction, and the 
Soviet Union's mysterious 
dissolution, China and Russia have 
also been dedicated to protect 
themselves by building weapons 
that could preserve their continued 
peaceful existence by keep America 
from launching wars.
In the recent suppression of Asia by 
America in the aftermath of the 
trilateral summit among Korea, 
Japan and China, calling for an "East 
Asia Community" in 2010, both 
Korea and Japan have also 
dedicated themselves in the 
building up of weapons.  
Overtly these weapons are to help 
America fight off their joint 
enemies.  But in reality Korea and 
Japan have no enemies of their own, 
but their homelands are definitely 
in jeopardy from wars.  So, 
covertly, only logical description for 
their weapons is "weapons of 
peace".  They will be used to win 
peace, on 10/1/2020 and onward.
This new revelation about 
"weapons of peace" will put all the 
weapons of China and Russia, as 
well as the ones the European 
Union is thinking about building, 
into the same category of 
"weapons of peace."  Let us all be 
reminded here that the weapons of 
peace will only be used to retaliate 
weapons of war, aimed at 
preventing a war from breaking 
Now we all know what a weapon of 
peace is.  Let's make good use of it 
in preparation for the initiation of 
this "Peace Scenario 101202".

  101202 POWDER KEG
The unilateral North and South 
Korean reunificaton progress is 
making America rethinking about 
another Cheonan Warship incident. 
Russia and America are doing the 
new Cold War as if it's a hot war, to 
see whose new super-weapons 
could blow up the Globe in a 
shorter time. The Sino-US trade war 
is fast turning fighting a Third World 
War into America's last straw to 
avoid falling into a Third World 
status.  Japan's potential 
announcement of returning to Asia 
in the 2020 Olympics will be 
another Pearl Harbor event. While 
not agitating the European Union, 
America is still poking the wasp 
nest in the Middle East, maybe just 
can't stand the slowing down of 
Iran's abomb making pace.	
The world is now a powder keg. The 
five ignition fuses mentioned above 
are in the hands of a madman. And 
the madman so happens is also a 
naughty boy who likes to play with 
matches. In the past two years, 
world has gotten used to his 
mischiefs, waiting in their best 
behaviors for him to laugh his last 
laugh - lighting the match!
Behaving nicely all you want, but 
we can't wait. Our "101202 Peace 
Scenario" is just the thing to tie up 
the mad idiot, using "words" to 
dent his "aggression". We need to 
fog up his matches, so that he can't 
light them up when time comes.
But it is also worthwhile to hope 
that a great leader, who is good and 
brave, would step forward to do 
the "Day of Reckoning" feat to 
bring everything to bear in order to 
awake the people of the world that 
peace is not entire unreachable.

GIVE US PEACE!                      

In the 2020 presidential election, 
Americans will have a chance to 
cast a vote for peace.  Actually 
they would have no choice but to 
make a choice between peace and 
war, because thirty three days ago, 
the rest of the world has issued an 
ultimatum for peace directed at 

That was the Peace Scenario 
101202, a Day of Reckoning for 
America, enacted on 10/1/2020 in 
the form of world-wide blockade of 
America's military bases by peace 
loving people of the world.
Americans would have two weeks 
to vent their anger from the 
backlash of the peace ultimatum, 
and another two weeks to cool 
down to their good senses to vote 
either for the continued pursuit of 
war or change direction to let itself 
and the world to start a new era of 
Actually the campaign of Peace 
Scenario 101202 has started two 
years ago.  In 2019 the message of 
peace would have flooded Asia.  In 
2020, it would land in America to 
unbashfully interfering with 
America's homeland presidential 
campaigns.  The aim is to produce 
at least one candidate for peace 
that Americans can vote for.
The actual voting will be pitting the 
young against the old, civilization's 
maturity against the religious 
superstition, the people against 
their politicians and future against 
the past.  Let's just hope, it won't 
wind up to be America against the 
rest of humanity!  
It's a time, the world demands and 
America should comply, to finally 
turn the slogans of America's lying 
and warmongering founders into 
the slogan's explicit promise of 
turning the new-founded land of 
America into a beacon of hope for 
the old world.  
American voters are now given a 
chance to turn America from a 
military camp of a nation that has 
been launching continual wars 
around the globe since its founding, 
to a center of innovation and 
prosperity through peace.
Yes, this is only an old fool's 
dream... that is, if we don't do 


Is America's first strike option a 
pain in the neck for other countries?  
Not really.  But its retaliation to 
other's first strike is!  Look at Pearl 
Harbor and 911.  Why, the terror 
of America is really in its constant 
preparation to retaliate!
So, for our peace effort, we need to 
prepare for retaliation also, right 
now.  The hope is to prevent 
America from doing the first strike.  
But the real reason is so that we, 
too, will be protected from acting 
normally in our peace mobilization 
effort, rather than having to behave 
timidly in fear of America's first 
strike, as that has been the 
disadvantageous situation America 
has put us in now.
With the prospect of getting 
preemptively struck removed, 
peace-loving people of the world 
should move to first become fully 
prepared to, what else, retaliate.  
Once that's well set in motion and 
reach parity with America, we can 
openly proclaim to the world all our 
peace initiatives.
In the opening ceremony of the 
2020 Tokyo Olympics, Japan should 
proclaim Asia Unity among Korea, 
Japan and China.  And during the 
closing ceremony, when the unified 
Korean team parades out into the 
stadium, the leaders of both North 
and South Korea should announce 
their military alliance.  And in 
closing the Olympics, Japan and 
Korea should explicitly demand that 
American military bases to leave 
their homelands.
With the ensuing 10/1/2020 Day of 
Reckoning of a worldwide blockade 
of military bases, it will give 
Americans exactly 33 days to 
regroup their senses from the shock 
and get back to elect a president 
based on their choice of peace or 
war.  Well, normally, there is no 
way America would not use this 
God sent opportunity to launch 
another war, or, at least a first 
strike.  But not this time.  This is 
It's because we have started the 
world-wide presidential campaign 
long before the short 33 days.  
People outside of America should 
be even more fiercely involved than 
Americans inside in participating in 
a campaign that could mean life 
and death to them.  We must all 
work together to choose and elect a 
peace candidate for America's own 
Andrew Yang's presidential bid will 
be a good start.  His slogan is 
"Humanity First" backed by his 
book "The War on Normal People", 
and the lure of the "Universal Basic 
Income".  Actually these issues are 
more about us than the "American 
First" Americans.  We could also 
add to them:  "NO WARS", "NO 
Now, you may ask why "NO GUNS"?   
Well, we could also include: "NO 
GOD", "NO DRUGS", but one out of 
three is not too bad.
Anyway, the key to this "PEACE 
MOBILIZATION" is that we will start 
early and not stop until permanent 
world peace is assured.

WORLD PEACE          
   The elections in the United 
States have always been the most 
interfering moments for other 
countries. Such interference has 
spread deep into the internal affairs 
of other countries, to the point of 
serious violations of other countries' 
sovereignties. The whole world has 
been pushed by the United States 
to the brink of WWIII - from today's 
ten minutes to destroy the Earth to 
one minute in 2020.
   The United States, on the other 
hand, is blaming other countries for 
interfering in its elections. So, the 
leaders of other countries have 
repeatedly promised not to 
interfere in the internal affairs of 
the United States. Isn't this a wait 
out for the doomsday?
   In the last election, the United 
States even used the accusation of 
interfering in internal affairs as an 
excuse to fiercely sanction Russia, 
and recently added an open-ended 
military threat. In this campaign, 
China would probably not be able 
to escape the same kind of 
misfortune because one of the 
candidates is actually a Chinese 
   It would be fine if he gets 
elected. However, if he doesn't, the 
United States would revenge China 
like never before. Such a 2020 
election will be a declaration by the 
American voting mob to go to war! 
   We deserve that! Because we 
did not interfere with a grown 
bullying and ignorant child, who 
wants to lead the world to commit 
mass suicide.
   We have no choice. We must 
openly engage in the 2020 
propaganda war America called its 
election. We must do everything in 
our power to get America to choose 
a president who shares our view of 
peace. Such a presidential 
candidate should meet our 
following conditions as much as 
possible to get our full support:
1. Support world peace  
2. US military bases must leave the 
territories of other countries 
3. Stop the trade war 
4. Support a universal currency 
5. Address foreign trade imbalances 
6. Reduce the difference between 
the rich and the poor in the country 
7. Oppose people to own guns 
8. Promote international taxation 
of weapons 
9. Propose reasonable ways to 
solve the impact of automation on 
the people 
10. Stop all international arms sales
The 4th item above, that supports a 
universal currency of the world, is 
used to achieve the aims of the two 
following items, 5 and 6, to resolve 
foreign trade imbalances and to 
alleviate the differences between 
the rich and the poor in the country. 
The new international independent 
currency issuer should use a 
rational currency distribution policy 
to achieve the basic human rights of 
survival for all in the world.
Below is the action plan:
1. We need to make the leaders of 
the countries of China, Japan, Korea 
and North Korea to agree on the 
same vision as described above, 
which can be used to amass the 
unanimous response of the their 
2. We want to use this shared vision 
to bring together people of peace in 
America, especially top Asian 
scholars, to participate fully in 
America's 2020 election.
3. China will match Taiwan's funds, 
based on GDP, this time to support 
America's pro-China candidates.
4. These funds must be used at 
least to refute all the unfavorable 
messages by American politicians 
against China. We shall do it in the 
US media and on the Internet.
5. In the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, 
China, North Korea and South 
Korea should try to send, as 
spectators, the military 
special-operation-force soldiers and 
add a few female spectators.
6. When the planes return, they 
should carry the Japanese elderly, 
women, and children.
7. At the opening ceremony of the 
Olympics, Japan will announce the 
new China-Japan-Korea alliance.
8. At the closing ceremony of the 
Olympics, Japan will ask the US 
military bases to withdraw from 
Japan and other countries.
9. On 10/1/2020, the Chinese, 
Japanese, and Korean troops must 
completely surround all military 
bases in Japan and South Korea.
10. The Chinese military fleets will 
also surround Guam, Hawaii, and 
the Chinese and Russian 
submarines should be stationed on 
the east and west coasts of the 
United States.
11. We must insist and stay on until 
America withdraws its military 
12. We must also appeal to all 
peace-loving Americans to go on 
strike until the America accepts our 
peace plea.
13. We must call on China, Japan, 
and Korea to mobilize their people 
as if in a state of war and prepare 
the nations for an all-out mass 
production of arms.
14. We should propose to the 
United States to buy all of its arms 
at the bases for destruction, and to 
pay all the expenses for the 
returning of soldiers and adequate 
settlement in their homeland.
15. These expenses should come 
out of the newly established 
International Monetary Fund 
Organization, which will get the 
needed America dollars by 
exchanging its own issued universal 
currency with China, Japan and 
South Korea's reserve of American 

One final small but critical point is 
how Israel of Jews has controlled 
America, especially during elections.  
The Jews gained monetary 
domination in the world much from 
the profits of Opium Holocaust of 
China.  Then they earned the 
world's hatred to arouse Hitler's 
wrath leading to their near 
In return, the Jews surely have lost 
all faith in humanity, and are now 
living with a death wish, and 
guiding their herd of Christian 
crusaders in America into suicidal 
military adventures.

That's why the largest country 
China and the land of Asia must 
come in and take over the small 
and treacherous the Jews of Israel 
that is leading America to its speedy 
doom.   We must redirect 
America in the right direction to a 
peaceful and cooperative future for 

We are doing. The sky above is 
watching, watching to see if the 
Mid-Autumn National Day that he 
planned for us is any good.       

101202 ROAD BACK TO 

The guarantee of success in our 
101202 PEACE SCENARIO is the long 
haul we are preparing for in our 
road back to peace.  Humanity 
really has nothing better to do 
anywhere and anytime that's more 
important than this.  In a way, it's 
sure to be a distraction to the 
warmongers of the world to plan 
any more futile wars.
But that does not mean that our 
plan should not be thorough.  
Here in our concluding article, let's 
tie up some loose ends.
Let's face it.  We are going to 
hijack Andrew Yang's presidential 
candidacy, if not the whole 
presidential election.  But let's do 
it to Yang, first, here.  We got to 
make his policy calls to be stronger 
and more assured long term 
solutions.  Americans got to wake 
to the fact that they are not alone 
on this earth.  Where else could be 
a better place to do this foot 
stumping on peace than in this 
greatest propaganda spectacular on 
Yang's "Humanity First" slogan to 
us means getting rid of wars, rather 
than solving the employment 
problem.  Look, the warmongers 
would probably try hard to show 
that the best way to solve this 
problem is by starting a war as in 
the past.
And Yang's book on "The War on 
Normal People" should mean 
world-wide peaceful cooperation 
leading to global disarmament, 
rather than a revolt against 
automation and high tech, by way 
of communism.  

His"Universal Base Income" is only 
going to hasten America's 
downward slide.  Our Universal 
Centralized Processor, UCP, is the 
only solution - public'tization of all 
automation and patents, and 
paying the poor based on their 
contribution to the improvements 
in the productivity of UCP.  Of 
course, UCP's humanitarian aspects 
make it the perfect safety net for all 
the people of the world.
And as to participating and 
contributing to the whole American 
presidential election, we should 
first note that in the most recent 
American presidential elections, 
America has chosen a born-loser in 
Bush, an inept, slippery-tong bum 
in Obama and a big dose of 
trumpidity, turning the world into 
an America's Old West saloon, 
threatening nuke brawls capable of 
blowing up the globe from hours to 
We can't afford a repeat, period.  
So, let's jump in and help out.

However, we must also not ignore 
the Jewish control over America, 
especially in the promotion of 
belligerence and the use of finance 
to oppress the world. How could 
our such a large and wise land of 
Asia allow a small and treacherous 
Israel to continue to be the 
guidance for America?
We should also be vigilant with the 
international scenes, especially 
related to Asia.  For example, the 
recent peace talks between Japan 
and Russia and about the returning 
of the Northern Four Islands.  
It would help a lot if Japan also 
signs an agreement to allow the 
Russians to put military bases on 
the islands.  This will be a strong 
bargaining chip when it comes to 
demanding both American and 
Russian bases to get out of Japan 
during the Olympics.  And more 
importantly, the Russian bases on 
the islands will be on our Peace 
Scenario side, setting ready to do 
retaliation if America tries any first 

Other joint actions in support of the 
Day of Reckoning are listed below.  
All peace-loving people of the 
world should also help to come up 
with more ideas.
1. South America refugees to the 
borders to distract American 
2. Do be hesitant to causing martial 
law in America to exacerbate 
internal struggle 
3. Dispatching foreign military to 
protect the rights of Californians in 
4. Military exercise by China and 
other pro-Asian countries near the 
American military bases where 
blockade is ongoing to counter any 
America initiation of military 
5. Using Taiwan reunification as a 
decoy-take Quemoy, the Taiping 
Island and instigating internal 
reunification movement, but don't 
start any silly war ourselves.
6. Install military bases in Cuba and 
North Korea, or selling weapons to 
Iran etc, for use as a bargaining chip 
to remove American bases in Asia 
and elsewhere 
7. Fishing fleets to lay invisible nets 
with signal devices to entangle 
propellers of America fleets

Following are some interesting 
dates related to our plan:

*	Democratic nation 
convention 7/13-7/16
*	Tokyo Olympics 7/24 - 8/9
*	Note: The Tokyo Olympics of 
1940 was cancelled for lack 
of planning last time!
*	Republic national convention 
*	Pearl Harbor Day of Infamy 
12/7/1941 also lacking 
*	Day of Reckoning 10/1/2020, 
Chinese National Day and 
Moon Festival Day 

Besides retaliation in weapons, we 
also need to be fully prepared with 
words.  What's only to be 
expected is the kind of trumpidity 
that would threaten us to"not to 
interfere in America's domestic 
politics, because it's illegal."  
Well, normally we would all shrink 
and "cease or decease".  But this 
time turns out to be a no better 
time than to"add oil"and  get pass 
in the United Nations some 
agreement, that America ceases 
and decease any campaign 
propaganda that damage other 
countries' image and intended to 
generate hostility between the 
people of America and those of 
other countries.  
Anyway, to win this war of words, 
we need to use any non-violent 
mean possible to win over the 
majority of the American voters 
before the votes are casted.
This message of peace must be 
vigorously spread in Asia in 2019, 
and also in America in 2020.  Then 
after the end of the Olympics, from 
8/10 until 9/30, all will lay silent to 
get ready for the massive 
world-wide launching of the sudden 
explosion of activities on 10/1/2020.  
It worked well many times in 
Chinese history.

What price is peace?  The 
following historical events and their 
heroes will remind us, what cost 
was war.
To usher in the Day of Reckoning, 
we need to endure the temporary 
humiliation, and suffer and work 
hard with great determination to 
become strong under extreme 
duress. Here are historical 
examples and what their heroes 
Emperor Goujian revenged his 
defeat by enduring long humiliation 
and determination to struggle and 
strive to seek for final victory.

Wen Tian-xiang, scholar hero of 
Song Dynasty:  Under heaven, 
there is righteousness.  Gods and 
gobblings cry for the self-sacrificing 
martyrs.  This is for my paradise 
Yue Fei, Victorious general, 
betrayed by treacherous prime 
minister to the emperor:
River of Blood poem: Great anger 
has caused my hair to stand up and 
push up my helmet.  I cry loud and 
long to the sky.  My heart feels 
strong and fierce. My young hair 
turns white, sensing  empty and 
Su Wu, shepherd Prime Minister of 
defeated  Song Dynasty: Su Wu 
shepherding in the North Sea, snow 
on the ground and ice from the sky, 
staying for nineteen years, thirsty 
drinking snow, hungry eating 
animal felt, wildness night, lonely 
asleep, heart still back in the Han 
home country.
Our 101202 PEACE SCENARIO is an 
advanced payment for peace.  This 
is always the cheapest and most 
effective way of preventing a 
disaster from happening.  We have 
chosen to prevent it, rather than 
cure it after it happens.  We are 
going to take step to mitigate the 
hostilities, rather than waiting for 
them to trigger wars.
Most people probably are also 
hoping for peace but want to wait.  
However, waiting for wars to come 
is not an option anymore in this age 
of potential nuclear annihilation.  
The warmongers are surely not 
waiting in their furious pace to 
build more powerful weapons.

In deciding going into the Korea War, 
Mao Zedong should have every 
reason to wait, but had he waited, 
we won't even have today's chance 
of stopping America.  Still, Korea 
War was bloody, not to mention the 
Vietnam War.
So, if, this time, we not only does 
not wait, but also decided to 
preempt the brewing warring 
conditions, we may feasibly end all 
wars.  Our aim is to avoid 
bloodshed, and if had to, control 
violence to a minimum.

Well, this old nerdy fool has spoken 
his peace.  The ball is now on the 
courts of the great leaders of the 
world.  At the minimal, if they 
should ever get the message, they 
would react favorable to peace.  
The warmongers would see a 
detrimental possibility to their first 
strike option.  And the 
peace-loving leaders might just 
huddle and take action to some 
degrees.  And I am going back to 
full time drilling for my Olympics 
dream in pingpong.


The Pingpong Diplomacy 
normalized the relations between 
China and America.  The Pongfu 
Diplomacy will usher in a new era 
of peace by demonstrating diversity 
of life styles should be celebrated, 
rather than being used as an excuse 
for wars.
The East has a life style of feudalism, 
or closed progress, focused mainly 
on cultural development.  The 
West has a life style basically 
powered by technological 
meritocracy driven by desire for 
unrestricted open progress. 
To date, the West has capitalized 
on its technological superiority to 
dominate and crashed the East's 
cultural hibernation.  Open 
progress has so overwhelmed 
closed progress that the insanity of 
war become humanity's livelihood.  
Our new God is weapon.  And it 
would be a duel of West's weapons 
of war and East's weapons of peace 
that is going to chart destiny.  So, I 
am her to formally invite everyone 
to play a little game of pongfu.
This here is the action plan for the 
upcoming Pongfu Diplomacy... only 
if I could work out all the glitches in 
this damn new style of playing 
pingpong like it's kungfu.  Let's 
assume I did have it all sorted out.  
Here is how I would proceed. 
On December 28, 2018, I would 
leave my Pongfu Lab in Yanji, China, 
where I have shut myself off from 
the outside world for three years to 
soak in Pongfu, to go back to my 
home in Berkeley, California.  
Then from the 2019 New Year to 
the Old Year, about one and a half 
month long, I will debut pongfu in 
the Bay Area pingpong community 
to see if things are really that 
If pongful looks any decent, I would 
approach USA Table Tennis 
Association to see if they would be 
interested to help out with world 
peace by putting together a kind of 
"Pongfu Diplomacy Team" for the 
coming 2020 Tokyo Olympics.  If 
not, I would still carry out my 
private plan of trying out for the 
Olympics-bound team with my 77 
year-old body.
Anyway, the idea is, copying from 
Pingpong Diplomacy, to somehow 
visit North Korea with the intend of 
making friends, just as my friend 
Zhuang Zedong, the initiator of 
Pingpong Diplomacy, reminded me 
several times in our interview of 
the "Friendship first, competition 
second!" spirit.  In our case, it's 
obviously "Peace first, wars no 
But the devious aim is to diffuse the 
explosive situation in the Peace 
Scenario 101202, to be caused by 
Japan's Olympics' proclamation for 
truth and peace.  It should really 
just be a tiny message:  "Why can 
we just play pongfu, instead of 
The message is tiny, but it is 
intended to pave the way for 
America's presidential candidate of 
peace, if he gets elected, to visit 
North Korea, just as President 
Nixon did that changed the world.

An Open Letter to Andrew Yang, 
Candidate for US President, 2020:

Dear Andrew Yang,    Just as you 
are pioneering a "new Americans" 
campaign, we here have initiated a 
"new Asians" project since 2008.   
It was the year when 18 years of 
hard work paid fruition in China's 
coming up with the world's fastest 
supercomputer, the Tianhe, or 天
河。 As, computer being the mother 
of high tech and military buildup, 
Tianhe supercharged China's Rise, 
especially in the military front.  
By 2020, with the anti-American 
trends of things in Asia regarding 
the Koreas, Japan and Russia, we 
will be ready for a showdown 
against America with regard to the 
unfair treatment we have been 
receiving from America in the past 
70 years.  We particular want 
America to pull its military 
presences out in Asia Pacific.
After hearing your bid for the US 
presidency,   we saw an 
opportunity for a renewed relation 
between Asia and America.  Let 
me just first pass on our 
openly-announced "top-secret" 
plan to you, to give us both, at least, 
a full year to discuss whether we 
are on the same or opposite sides 
of the Pacific.

Let's face it.  We might just be 
going to piggyback on your 
presidential candidacy, if not the 
whole US presidential election.  
But we'll do it to yours, first, here.  
We got to make your policy calls 
stronger and more assured 
long-term wise.  Americans got to 
wake to the fact that they are not 
alone on this earth.  Where else 
could be a better place to do this 
foot stumping on peace than in this 
greatest propaganda spectacular on 
the globe, that's the US Presidential 

Your "Humanity First" slogan to us 
means getting rid of wars, rather 
than solving the employment 
problem.  Look, the warmongers 
would probably try hard to show 
that the best way to solve this 
problem is by starting a war as in 
the past.

And your book on "The War on 
Normal People" should mean 
world-wide peaceful cooperation 
leading to global disarmament, 
rather than a revolt against 
automation and high tech, by way 
of communism.  

Your"Universal Base Income" is 
only going to hasten America's 
downward slide.  Our Universal 
Centralized Processor, UCP, is the 
only solution - public'tization of all 
automation and patents, and 
paying the poor based on their 
contribution to the improvements 
in the productivity of UCP.  Of 
course, UCP's humanitarian aspects 
make it the perfect safety net for all 
the people of the world.

And as to participating and 
contributing to the whole American 
presidential election, we should 
first note that in the most recent 
American presidential elections, 
America has chosen a born-loser in 
Bush, an inept, slippery-tong bum 
in Obama and a huge dose of 
trumpidity, turning the world into 
an America's Old West saloon, 
threatening nuke brawls capable of 
blowing up the globe from hours to 
minutes. We can't afford a repeat, 
period.  So, let us jump in and help 
Just by pulling the military out of 
Asia alone could save America 
enough money to give each 
American several thousand dollars 
a month.  But the key for 
America's long term prosperity is to 
establish a cooperative relation, 
instead the hostile one, with China.  
China will prosper no matter what, 
just like before the recent opium 
holocaust.  America needs China 
to help build its run-down 
infrastructure in order to keep up 
with China.  What's the difference 
who wins, as long as the people will 
be much better off and countries 
are in peace?
Oh, say, can you see?
How much we are all in love 
with wars?
What so proudly we hailed
to the weapons of mass of 
Whose big heads and broad 
have always righted our might.
And the freedom we declared
has proclaimed the blacks should 
be slaves.
Gave proof through our democracy
that the Indians should be dead.
Onward march our Christian 
And extend our capitalisms'sticky 
Oh say, how we built our 
mil'industry complex,
and started a world-wide conquest.
Oh, the land of the freaks,
and the home of the brats.
Who are the Tang - Song cousins?
Who are the Han brothers?
They are the ones, who are living 
around the East Palace(東京)
and the Han Castle(漢城).
Have we forgotten?
Are we all going to stay strangers 
Who were the midget pirates?
and whom they murdered and 
They were just our cousins from the 
East Palace
and brothers at the Han Castle and 
Can we forgive?
Are we just going to stay enemies 
There was once a monkey from the 
far wild, wild West.
It wanted us all to go back to the 
jungle of the West.
We either lost our souls to God,
or else our lives to guns.
So the God's people got the guns, 
and rest, the bullets.
It was a nightmare that's hard to 
wake up from.
But we got to try.
We must still not forget that we 
were family.
Now we are all partying as happily 
as any monkey can be.
Beside the guns, we also have the 
missiles and the bombs.
From now on,
we all start talking in monkey 
We all rush into the monkey 
Because if you don't,
you will be considered backward 
and underdeveloped.
So we all yak:
God! Democracy!
Freedom! Equality! Human Rights!
Law! Economics! Technology!
But we never mention:
Wars, Slavery, Genocide, Lynching 
Broken Families,
And the likes of Gays to Guns,
Politics, Religious, Medical and
Lawyoring Wolves,
and Arms Merchants.
Now, in an
asphalt jungle of skyscraper forests,
we all:
live to work;
work to fight;
fight for God.
Now, we cannot go back.
The hole is dug too deep.
We become the slaves
of the good living,
that really is an opium addiction,
that we cannot shake.
What could we do?
We must remember whom we 
really were.
We must remember the simple lives 
we lived.
We must remember the paradise 
that once was.
Do you remember sitting on 
grandpa's knees?
Do you remember father proud of 
his family?
Mother always having dinner 
How happy to have guests?
And all the good neighbors?
Do you remember?
Do you remember the family of One 
Do you remember the proud family 
of Japan?
Do you remember the family of One 
Do you remember the time we all 
wanted to be one family?
Do you remember that was the 
we all still thought the world were 
to last forever?