The liberals in America are already perverted enough to stink us all to death. But they still feel themselves to be smelling nice and even think it’s us who have the problems. They want to harass us to force us to learn their ways, taking the opportunity even to kill, or screw our brains enough to accept them.

The conservatives in America are actually also disgusted by the liberals as we are. But this is just a dispute within the family. Dealing with us, both of them are together in term of putting us out of misery.

So, what do you think?  Want to get stunk, or killed, to death?

They won't change, because there is something in their land that they call it that sounds like "dog", except the reverse pinyin and pronounciation is g'o'd, and with our ancient right-to-left way of reading, d'o 'g, it really stands for “dog”. But don't ever underestimate this "dog".  Since the founding of America, this "dog" has ordained that:

"People who don't believe in "dog" must die, especially the communists!"

So, in the 2020 US election, we must tell them about this difficulty we are having in dealing with them.

Why do we have to do it during the election campaign? Because at any other time, our complaints would be deemed as a declaration of war, particularly for the conservatives, who are now in power and fiercely killing happy.  At that time, the sacred directive from the “dog” could be used as an excuse to send a few atomic bombs our way.

Also, during the campaign, if America decides to start a war, their own two parties will also take the opportunity to use violence, rather than votes, to seize power. Then we would have a chance to choose side.   Just call it "maintaining peace".

But what we really want to do is to get the dirty hands of America out of Asia, and other places that are dirtied up by America.

Don't worry, we won't go too extreme. We will still continue to feed them with cheap and quality exports.

In fact, our choice this time should be simply:

Peace on earth, or putting an end to the world.


美国的自由派已经脏的要把我们臭死。但他还觉得自己很香,甚至认为我们有问题。 它要一直斗争我们到去学习它们,趁机把我们趁乱灭掉,或,臭昏到只好接受它们。



它们是不会改的, 因为那是它们那边有一个什么发音听起来好像,“狗的”东西,拼音是g’o’d, 而用我们古代的,从右到左的,读法,d’o’g,到真的是“狗”的意思。但千万不要小看这只“狗”。从美国开国以来,这只“狗”已下了它们一道圣旨:


所以在2020 美国大选时,我们一定要跟它们讲清楚我们的苦衷。




不要紧张, 我们不会做的太绝。 我们还是会,继续用物美价廉的产品喂它们的。


世界太平,或 世界末日。