For three hundred years, the America's unreasonableness 
toward the outside world has made the homeland, 
prosperous, powerful and always standing on moral high 
grounds. By relying on its monopoly of media until recently, 
America has been able to be unreasonable, lie about it, and 
deceived everybody home and abroad. But now, when the 
unreasonable bad things of America are leaked out or outright 
exposed, the people in the country are beginning to wake up, 
especially about some unreasonable habits of American 

Since 2016, the bad things that America has done outside the 
country have been blocked by Russia and China. When 
America secretly colluded with Russia to do evil deeds at 
home, America do not forgive them anymore. In the past two 
years, the disputes among the political factions and the 
unreasonable attitudes on both sides have become out of 
control.  It might very well progresses from a cold war of 
words to hot war of bullets. 
Looking back now, my prediction of the US Civil War two years 
ago might be two years too soon.
China must seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy up 
and put the besieged Trump in China's back pocket via the 
trade negotiations by keeping fresh his dream of being re-
elected. Russia should also take advantage of the military and 
political situations with America Ukraine, North Korea, Iran 
and Venezuela. On the 10/1/2020 Day of Reckoning for 
America, Asia will chase the US military base out of Japan and 
South Korea. From then on, the world can be made 
reasonable again.


三百年来,对外不讲道理已把美国自己家里搞得又富庶,又强盛,又高尚。  靠对信息的

从2016年起,美国在外做的坏事都被俄国和中国阻止了。 而当美国在秘密沟通俄国在家
里做坏事时,国内的百姓也不饶恕那些下流和不讲道理的政客。  两年来国内政客的争执,

继续做它连任的梦。 俄国也应从军事和政治方面下手。  亚洲要在10/1/2020卧薪尝胆日,
声东击西的把美国军事基地赶出日本和韩国。  从此以后世界可以讲道理了。