Let me conclude this Asian history with a brief description of 
American history, since the struggle between Asia and 
America has lasted for more than 150 years and does not 
seems likely it would end soon. 
From the Taiwanese TV program, "Crucial Moments", a group 
of seasoned journalists researched into the plague epidemic in 
Europe and found that the plague did not ended in the 15th 
century, but lasted to as late as the 18th century, coincided 
with the founding of America.
When the European colonists landed in America, they carried 
with them 4 centuries of negative impact of the plague that 
have turned them into savages.  
These wild animals in fancy human clothes formed the world's 
first military camp of a nation, dedicated to world domination.  
The formation of a new government was a division of labor 
between the southern conservatives and the northern liberals.   
The conservatives took care of the suppression and killing of 
their victims. The liberals schemed up a seamless propaganda 
machine to pave the way for the conservatives' conquests, 
enslaving and genocides.  
As history has shown us, America has always been able to 
seize the moral high ground in all their war crimes against 
It's only until recent, America has been considered the 
undisputed leader of the world.  Today, China and Asia's rise is 
challenging this myth.  But in its homeland, America is still 
complacently holding tight to the notion of "America First".  
How come?
More than anything, it's Christianity. 
Just as during the early plague-struck days, the superstition of 
their Christian God had prevented a humanistic cure as the 
one effectively practiced in Asia, the Americans persisted in 
praising the useless God and blaming China as the source of 
the plague and everything else, most of which has been found 
to be wrong, but still ignored by most Americans, who are 
shielded from truths by saturation bombardment from the 
seamless propaganda machine.
In the great migration to America, the Europeans did not bring 
the plague.  Instead, they brought something even worse -- 
Christianity was used to justify that the America natives were 
ordained by God to be exterminated and the African blacks, 
enslaved.  Naturally, the Asians, who have lived nicely for five 
thousand years without any God, have also become their 
Furthermore, if we want to look for a definitive motive for the 
WWII in Asia, it was the intolerance of Christianity toward 
WWII in Asia was a religious war between America and the 
Buddhist countries.
And more than Buddhism, Christianity hated communism 
even more. It was considered as the cancer of the heart for 
China.  Chiang Kai-shek, a Christian convert, made eradicating 
the Chinese communists as a God's sacred mission. 
This, later in World War II, became an excuse for Chiang's 
betrayal of China to America.  Interestingly enough, today's 
Taiwan still inherits this excuse.
Actually what historical facts have shown is just the opposite -
- it has been the Asian Christian converts who have been the 
detrimental cancer tumors of Asia.
By now it should be obvious: who are the real Four Horsemen 
of the Apocalypse, as mentioned in the Christian Bible?  They 
are Christianity itself, Plague, Gun and Propaganda.

Once histories like ours start to be written, the Horsemen of 
Gun and Propaganda will be tamed.  And modern medicine is 
getting a grip on the Plague.  But when could we be cured of 
Let's look at what happened in Asia.  In Asia, history was 
considered worthy to be recorded when humans began to rely 
on themselves, rather than on some fictitious entity like God.  
This is because this fictitious history will not be understood 
and accepted by future generations.
Asian civilization began 7018 years ago.  But history only 
certified 4640 out of the 7018 years.  This is because in those 
4640 years, we have been able to not rely on God and became 
mature and responsible enough to answer to history entirely 
by ourselves.
So, let's assume the birth of Christianity and the birth of Asia 
civilization happened to occur at the same time.  This will 
allow us to estimate how many years delay it would take for 
Christians to mature from relying on a parental God to 
becoming their own responsible adults. 
All we need to do is to first figure out how many years it took 
the Asians to free themselves from reliance on God.  It is:

[Asia's age] subtract [Asia history's age], or

So it took Asians 2378 years to evolve from God-relying pre-
humans into no-God humans.  
From this number we can calculate the time Christians will 
also become their own full human beings.  We just subtract 
the age of Christianity by the age at which Asian civilization 
matured.  This is:


So, it will take humanity 360 more years to attain full control 
of our own destiny.  Can we wait this long while risking 
ourselves on God's path to Armageddon?  
Too tough!  That's why we Asians must "add oil" by taking 
matter into our own hands.
Up to now, many world leaders are still not sure which one is 
worse -- the Republicans or the Democrats in America?  And 
American leaders could care less about being modest toward 
their victims as long as there are still a few among them who 
are still being praised worldwide as heroes.  
The current American President Trump is a businessman, who 
thinks abombs are like money, the more the better.  And many 
leaders around the world still look up to him.  We are trapped 
in a dangerous world.
Based on this theoretical analysis, we Asians could only accept 
the West's military ventures in Asia as an act of nature -- a 
storm of barbarism blown in from the West. Apart from this, 
there is not much need for further explanation and debate.
Japan and China's ability to overcome the opium holocaust 
and subsequent difficulties in Asia, testifies to the resilience of 
Asia's culture and tradition.  But to finally weather this storm 
of barbarism, all Asians need to work together to avert 
America's last desperate move -- WWIII.
Heroes and villains of history have come and gone.  We can 
worship or condemn them anyway we want.  But we must not 
allow them to misguide us back to traverse the same tragic 
path they created by trampling on history.
Asia has confronted America to turn around from 
warmongering competition to peaceful cooperation since their 
first encounter in 1854.  
Before WWII, Asia could only act at America's mercy.   Up to 
2017, Asia was still at America's beckon and call.  In 2018, the 
Korea Peninsula challenged America and the verdict is still 
pending.  But in 2020, Korea, Japan and China will dare