Western tensions over the plague are only to be expected. Nearly a 
thousand years ago, the same kind of plague also occurred in the 
West. But at the time, the West not only failed to resolve the matter, 
but made it worse. That's because they are a society where 
individuals exploit each other.

The smart Jews first identified themselves as a race chosen by God. 
Then one of them, because his young mother did not know who his 
father was, and the law at the time stipulated that a child who was 
suspected of not being born to his own father could be put to death, 
so he had to lie that he was the Son of God. As a result, they deceived 
all Westerners to believe in the teaching of this child Jesus Christ.

Later, when the plague came around in the 14th century, the 
Westerners' faith in Jesus grew strong and become a foundation of 
civilization based on superstition and exploitation. Those who were 
not sick used Christian superstitions to oppress the sick, saying that 
their illness was punishment by God. As a result, the plague spread 
and continued for four hundred years, depriving all Westerners of the 
last traces of humanity and turning them into a barbaric race that was 
more savage than wild beasts.

The most heinous of them went to the American continent, killing the 
indigenous people there, and using black people as slaves, mainly 
because those unlucky people were not Christians. These Christians 
have since established the United States in North America. Everyone 
has the right to a gun to make it easy to launching killing sprees 
around the world.

In Asia, the first victim nation was Philippines, where they killed 10% 
of the population. Then Japan got two atomic bombs. Later, America 
went on to destroy China, but Japan saved China right before its own 
death at the hands of America. Then America made a comeback and 
let out its steam on the poor North Koreans, but was blocked by China. 
It now had to try the Taiwan Strait, where nuke cannons might be 
used, but China did not back down. The final try was Vietnam. A 
genocidal nuke assault had been planned, but because the crown 
prince of American navy, John McCain, was captured by the North 
Vietnamese, America just couldn't bear to go through with it. But this 
juicy piece of meat that is Asia and the humiliation that America has 
suffered in Asia will never be forgotten.

To date, under broad daylight, the United States has used atomic 
weapons against Japan, chemical weapons against North Korea, and 
biological weapons against Vietnam. What else is there America 
hasn't yet used? The plague that, a thousand year ago, transformed 
the West into this monster, should certainly be the most preferred 

But the plague is America's choice of life or death. 


西方对瘟疫的紧张是必要的。  近一千年前, 同样瘟疫也发生在西
方。 但那时西方不但没把事情解决,而把它弄得更糟。那是因为他

聪明的犹太人,先把自己定为是神选的人种。  然后他们之中的一
规定,如被怀疑不是亲身父亲生的孩子可以被杀掉, 因此他只好说
谎他是上帝之子。  结果骗了所有的西方人,都信了这小孩基督的


黑人当了奴隶, 主要因为那些倒霉的人群不是基督徒。 从此这批

了两颗原子弹。后来马不停蹄地想灭掉中国, 但日本临死救了中国
一马。那他只好卷土重来,出气在可怜的朝鲜身上, 但被中国挡住。 
南, 已决定了用原子弹,但因为海军公子爷,麦凯恩,被俘虏,下
不了手。 可是亚洲这块肥肉,和所受到的侮辱,是决不会忘掉的。

在光天化日下,美国对日本已经用了原子武器, 朝鲜用了化学武器,
越南用了生物武器,还有什么他不敢用的?  那一千年前,毁了西