The elections in the United States have 
always been the most interfering moments for 
other countries. Such interference has spread 
deep into the internal affairs of other countries, 
to the point of serious violations of other 
countries' sovereignties. The whole world has 
been pushed by the United States to the brink of 
WWIII - from today's ten minutes to destroy the 
Earth to one minute in 2020.
   The United States, on the other hand, is 
blaming other countries for interfering in its 
elections. So, the leaders of other countries have 
repeatedly promised not to interfere in the 
internal affairs of the United States. Isn't this a 
wait out for the doomsday?
   In the last election, the United States even 
used the accusation of interfering in internal 
affairs as an excuse to fiercely sanction Russia, 
and recently added an open-ended military 
threat. In this campaign, China would probably 
not be able to escape the same kind of 
misfortune because one of the candidates is 
actually a Chinese American.
   It would be fine if he gets elected. However, if 
he doesn't, the United States would revenge 
China like never before. Such a 2020 election will 
be a declaration by the American voting mob to 
go to war! 
   We deserve that! Because we did not 
interfere with a grown bullying and ignorant 
child, who wants to lead the world to commit 
mass suicide.
   We have no choice. We must openly engage 
in the 2020 propaganda war America called its 
election. We must do everything in our power to 
get America to choose a president who shares 
our view of peace. Such a presidential candidate 
should meet our following conditions as much 
as possible to get our full support:

1. Support world peace  
2. US military bases must leave the territories of 
other countries 
3. Stop the trade war 
4. Support a universal currency worldwide 
5. Address foreign trade imbalances sensibly 
6. Reduce the difference between the rich and 
the poor in the country 
7. Oppose people to own guns 
8. Promote international taxation of weapons 
9. Propose reasonable ways to solve the impact 
of automation on the people 
10. Stop all international arms sales

The 4th item above, that supports a universal 
currency of the world, is used to achieve the 
aims of the two following items, 5 and 6, to 
resolve foreign trade imbalances and to alleviate 
the differences between the rich and the poor in 
the country. The new international independent 
currency issuer should use a rational currency 
distribution policy to achieve the basic human 
rights of survival for all in the world.
Below is the action plan:
    1. We need to make the leaders of 
the countries of China, Japan, Korea and 
North Korea to agree on the same vision 
as described above, which can be used to 
amass the unanimous response of the 
their people.
    2. We want to use this shared vision 
to bring together people of peace in 
America, especially top Asian scholars, to 
participate fully in America's 2020 
    3. China will match Taiwan's funds, 
based on GDP, this time to support 
America's pro-China candidates.
    4. These funds must be used at least 
to refute all the unfavorable messages by 
American politicians against China. We 
shall do it in the US media and on the 
    5. In the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, China, 
North Korea and South Korea should try 
to send, as spectators, the military 
special-operation-force soldiers and add 
a few female spectators.
    6. When the planes return, they 
should carry the Japanese elderly, women, 
and children.
    7. At the opening ceremony of the 
Olympics, Japan will announce the new 
China-Japan-Korea alliance.
    8. At the closing ceremony of the 
Olympics, Japan will ask the US military 
bases to withdraw from Japan and other 
    9. On 10/1/2020, the Chinese, 
Japanese, and Korean troops must 
completely surround all military bases in 
Japan and South Korea.
    10. The Chinese military fleets will 
also surround Guam, Hawaii, and the 
Chinese and Russian submarines should 
be stationed on the east and west coasts 
of the United States.
    11. We must insist and stay on until 
America withdraws its military bases.
    12. We must also appeal to all 
peace-loving Americans to go on strike 
until the America accepts our peace plea.
    13. We must call on China, Japan, and 
Korea to mobilize their people as if in a 
state of war and prepare the nations for 
an all-out mass production of arms.
    14. We should propose to the United 
States to buy all of its arms at the bases 
for destruction, and to pay all the 
expenses for the returning of soldiers and 
adequate settlement in their homeland.
15. These expenses should come out of 
the newly established International 
Monetary Fund Organization, which will 
get the needed America dollars by 
exchanging its own issued universal 
currency with China, Japan and South 
Korea's reserve of American currency.

One final small but critical point is how 
Israel of Jews has controlled America, 
especially during elections.  The Jews 
gained monetary domination in the world 
much from the profits of Opium 
Holocaust of China.  Then they earned 
the world's hatred to arouse Hitler's 
wrath leading to their near extinction.

In return, the Jews surely have lost all 
faith in humanity, and are now living with 
a death wish, and guiding their herd of 
Christian crusaders in America into 
suicidal military adventures.

That's why the largest country China 
and the land of Asia must come in and 
take over the small and treacherous the 
Jews of Israel that is leading America to 
its speedy doom.   We must redirect 
America in the right direction to a 
peaceful and cooperative future for 

We are doing. The sky above is watching, 
watching to see if the Mid-Autumn 
National Day that he planned for us is any